Welcome to Inca Metals (Pty) Ltd. We’ve been in the recycling industry for 6 years, accepting a wide range of Ferrous and Non-ferrous Metals, including; Heavy Steel, Light Steel, Copper, Copper Geysers, Copper pipes, Insulated Copper Wire, Copper Shavings, Brass, Brass pipes, Brass Shavings, Cast Aluminium, Extrusion Aluminium, Copper Radiators, Aluminium Radiators, Lead and Batteries.

We accept any Electronic Waste (E-waste) namely; High Grade PC Boards, Medium Grade PC  Boards, TV Boards, Telecommunication Boards, Cellphone Motherboards, RAM, Ceramic CPU, Plastic CPU and Catalytic converters.

We use the latest digital scales to weigh your metals with absolute accuracy; with guaranteed weights and best current prices.
Inca Metals is a registered recycler.


We have a zero to landfill policy on all recyclable material. Certificate of Disposal is available on request.

Services offered:

We offer a collection services for large collections of scrap, if you can’t get to us. We also specialise in salvaging Non-Ferrous Metals from Ferrous Metals or Copper from Insulated Wire and removing machinery. Please visit our Contact page for Collections or call us now on 071 056 5019.